The Importance of Fire Protection Systems

What is Fire Watch Services ? Fire watch services are basically on-site security functions carried out by specially qualified personnel. Services generally include: Fire engineering services, fire protection, and risk assessment & risk management. They can be offered for the general public, private industry, government and rented buildings. These services can also be provided on demand to specific establishments, depending on the needs and current demands of the customers.

Fire watches have become very popular worldwide in the last few years due to increase in overseas immigration and issues about working conditions in countries that may not have stringent fire safety regulation. Fire watches are carried out by both government and private organisations in several countries, with specialisation in different sectors such as IT and Engineering. The amount of fire watch services that can be carried out in a day is usually dependent upon the number of people being employed to man the establishment. In most cases, duty officers are present during day shift and take over during the night shift.
The basic services include fire engineering services, which include providing fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and fire watches. The objective of the fire watch service is to minimise risk of fire outbreaks and keep the building safe. Fire engineering services also include extinguishing the fire, maintaining a fire alarm, fire draining systems and reducing the risk of electrical fire outbreaks. Fire engineering services also includes fixing the fire alarm. Other duties include installing the fire alarm system, ensuring the fire alarm is working correctly, and carrying out routine maintenance checks on the fire fighting equipment. All fire watches are supervised by a licensed Practitioner or Manager, with the exception of some Fire Engineering Services that is carried out by senior fire officers.
Fire watch services involve the use of specialised equipment to minimise fire risks. It is important for fire watch services to be able to share information relevant to fire safety with all parties concerned. This can include emergency call handling systems, training and information management systems, and emergency information systems such as fire detectors. A fire guard may carry a PDA (personal digital assistant) or an eye pad (in-car PDA).
Firewalls can also be used by fire wardens in their fire watch services. They are used to identify networks and to restrict access to sensitive information and data. A wide range of computer applications are available to fire guards that are designed to minimise fire hazards. Fire wardens can also use video surveillance systems to identify fire hazards.
Fire watch service providers in the UK are expected to meet the necessary regulatory standards. These include the requirement to be licensed and to be trained in fire watch management and fire protection system maintenance. Many of these companies also have requirements for fire watch guards to attend a prescribed course of professional training. The use of modern technology by fire watch services has led to the creation of highly functional systems that are able to monitor all aspects of a fire risk, from smoke and heat to flames. Fire protected premises should always be the first priority of any business in an emergency situation.