Passover Program Hotels in San Francisco

Jewish Travel Hotels in New York and San Francisco is one of the most popular attractions during the holiday season. However, there is more to this holiday than the food and drink and activities. The holiday spirit that permeates the area can be very appealing to tourists and locals alike. If you are looking to experience something a little different from other cities during your trip, it might be time to consider Passover Travel.
Please note: The Passover program hotels and related activities listed below will most likely be taking place next year. Some will be open for Passover next year but haven’t confirmed yet. Please feel free to inquire any of these directly if you’re curious about their future plans.
One of the most popular Passover Program Hotels in San Francisco is the Hotel Mariposa. This hotel features beautiful, historic architecture and a rich history. It has served as the home of many important figures in San Francisco’s history, including California’s first Governor, and one of its first residents, Dr. Levi Strauss. You can enjoy the history here with an informative tour, or simply relax in your own private rooms. The hotel offers many activities for tourists, including the famous “The Great Gatsby” movie night, which is held on the Friday before Ash Wednesday.
Another popular hotel in San Francisco, is the Stonestreet Suites by Marriott. This hotel is centrally located and close to major entertainment venues in the Bay Area. Visitors who are interested in history will love the rooms, which include marble flooring and wood furniture. They also offer an educational tour of the area’s history. The restaurant is known for its world famous Passover fare and is open all week. Other great things about the hotel include a 24-hour room service and a complimentary coffee maker.
The Hotel Delfina is another popular hotel in San Francisco. Its rooms are designed to cater to tourists and travelers interested in historical and cultural events in the area. You can enjoy a special tour in the morning or just relax in your room and watch television. During the day, guests can attend special events such as the annual International Tea Festival, which is held on the Thursday evenings.
The Holiday Inn in Santa Barbara is another one of the most popular Passover Program Hotels in San Francisco. This hotel is in close proximity to the downtown area’s main attractions but is away from them. There are many activities and events that take place here, including art exhibits, live entertainment, and tours of the city’s historic areas. This hotel even offers a free breakfast on weekends.