Are Fire Watch Guards Necessary?

To make sure that your company has adequate protection against potential risks, full or temporary fire watch-guard security is a must. However, many companies are choosing to outsource this duty to third parties who are more equipped to provide this much needed service. This article will introduce some of the benefits and specific reasons your company may need temporary fire watch guards. Our purpose is not to determine which option is best for your company, but to explain why you may need guard protection in the event of a catastrophe. It is important to understand the specific risks your business may face in the event of a fire in order to fully implement and maintain a safe workplace environment.

A Fire Watch Guards performs a number of vital tasks during an emergency. Many patrol units are specifically trained and equipped to respond to emergencies. Often, patrol units will take an hour or more to respond to an emergency, but they can arrive in minutes during a patrol shift. Additionally, fire watch guards may be employed to survey the premises in order to identify any fire hazards. They may also verify the status of any emergency personnel or law enforcement agents and assist them in managing any fire hazards they find.
Fire watch guards are often used at construction sites or other large work sites. Construction sites often experience a large amount of potential hazards. Hazardous materials, such as painting or wiring, can easily cause an explosion or serious injury. Fire watch guards perform their duties in a controlled environment and under direct supervision from a guard captain. In many cases, patrol units are stationed in remote areas only accessible by law enforcement or other emergency personnel.
Another reason you may need to hire fire watch guards is your company has designated a hazardous waste area. This area may pose a significant fire risk, but it is often not considered by companies because of the low level of hazard exposure and fire safety regulations. Many construction sites and warehouses have no specific regulations on the types of materials they use in their work and therefore pose a significant fire risk.
As mentioned earlier, some fire watch guards are also employed to patrol the premises of an emergency call center or fire department. Fire departments utilize several types of fire equipment and it is important for them to know what types of equipment are available on the scene of a fire. If you have a department that requires the presence of a guard at your facility, make sure you hire professionals who are properly trained in fire equipment. When hiring staff members to work for your company, be sure to request fire watch security personnel who are familiar with all fire equipment. In addition, ensure your employees are properly trained in the use of fire equipment and know how to use the equipment when you ask them to.
Fire watch guards may be necessary for several reasons, but many business owners consider the use of this equipment as well worth the cost. They are less hazardous than many other types of security measures and can help reduce the risk of damage or loss to your property and to those that may be injured or might be impacted by the fire. In the process, they can also help to improve customer relations. Many customers may experience a negative feeling of insecurity when entering or leaving your business and having an armed guard on the premises can help to alleviate that fear. Fire watch guards may be an affordable addition to your security program and can help to make your company more secure.