5 Things You Didn’t Know About Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Hong Kong is a fun cartoon show that your children are sure to enjoy. It is similar to other popular cartoons such as Sesame Street and The Simpsons, and many children already enjoy watching them. What makes Peppa the most popular among children though, is the great amount of variety in its storyline. There are so many episodes that it is easy for a child to pick up on something they love and then enjoy watching the rest of the show. Below you will find a brief description of each of the episodes in Peppa Pig: Hong Kong.

“I Spy” is the first episode of the show. In this episode, Pipsqueak, aka Pig, gets caught stealing from the school and the headmistress wants to send him to the principal’s office so she can punish him. While in the classroom, Pipsqueak tricks the school teacher into letting him go. He then sneaks back to the school and enters with a schoolgirl he is attracted to.
After some time spent with her, Pipsqueak falls in love with her, but she backs off because she realizes that he has a criminal record. In order to gain back her affection, she enlists the help of her two best friends, noses, and carrots. Together they set out to help Pipsqueak catch the villain and restore their friendship!
“Grand-pappy the Gofer” is the second episode of Peppa Pig. In this episode, Grand-pappy sets a trap for Poppy, which accidentally gets dumped in a bucket of fruit juice. Fortunately, Poppy realizes what he is doing when he sees his favorite book, “The Book of Guys.” He immediately goes over to Dora the Explorer’s house to ask her about the book and finds out that she likes it so much that she wants him to be her new pen pal.
“Doodler’s Day” is the third episode of Peppa Pig. Doodler is seen as a genius who can cook anything and every single thing, but none of it tastes very good. It takes a lot of effort for him to learn how to cook, and he has a lot of trouble trying to impress his friends. The episode ends with Poppy’s realization that he should stop trying so hard to impress everyone and start making things for Doodler just so he will love them more. Unfortunately, his plans backfire when Doodler steals the cake for his class.
“Go Fish,” the fourth episode of Peppa Pig, introduces viewers to Poppy’s new pet, a finch. Although both animals look cute and happy together, jealous Doodler wrecks their relationship. After being told that he can only eat vegetables, Poppy decides that he will no longer be able to be around his pet. In order to appease his pet, Poppy hands over the controls of the birds to him so that he can pursue his love for vegetables. Although this causes a lot of conflict between the pig and Doodler, the episode ends on a happy note when they finally reunite.