What Is The Cardingforum?

The Tor cardingforum was a forum dedicated to the trade in stolen credit card information, credit card fraud and currency fraud. The website was initially established by an unknown person called ‘Verto’ who is also the creator of the now defunct Evolution dark web market. His original intention was to create an online store where people could buy things from all over the world. He later created the Cardingforum site and advertised its use for credit card fraud as well as other financial crimes, such as money laundering.
In the beginning, it was possible to use the site for many things such as fraud and identity theft, but it soon became apparent that credit cards were the most widely used method of payment. Verto had access to a large database of credit cards and used this database to build up a comprehensive history of each person on the site. This included their name, address, telephone number and even their PIN number. People who had been previously registered on the Cardingforum website could even be seen in the database. People with criminal records and even felons could also be seen on the website.
In order to protect his website and to keep his customers safe, Verto employed the services of an online security company. This security company provided him with software which he could use to monitor the activities on the website. Once he knew who was using credit cards on his website he could then report these activities to the authorities.
Although it is believed that Verto did not have access to the data which was initially available on the Cardingforum website, he was still able to get in contact with many people using this site. As the website grew in popularity, he became known online as a well-liked figure.
The Cardingforum was one of the largest and most popular of the many online discussion forums, where users from all over the world could talk about many different topics. It was a free forum, so no subscriptions or charges were involved. However, it has been the target of several attacks, most notably on the day when Verto was arrested. Although there were no direct threats made against anyone on the website, it was targeted by individuals who wanted to obtain personal information of members and then use this information in order to defraud them.
As Verto’s case progressed, the authorities investigated the Cardingforum website and it came to light that it was being used to sell stolen credit card numbers to unscrupulous individuals, such as card fraudsters and cyber-thieves. His arrest came at the end of 2020.