Here is an important guide for increasing followers on TikTok

TikTok is very famous about the young audience these days and they are looking for different ways to grow their followers on TikTok. Some users also buy tiktok hearts for their content but actually, they should focus on increasing organic likes for their content. We are going to share important information about TikTok and ways to grow followers.
Use the analytics section
The use of the analytic section of the social media platforms is very important; it helps you understand your audience. You should check when your followers are active and post content during those times. If you are using the platform for business, you should use the TikTok pro account to get insights about the users and post according to their habits. Posting content when most of your users are active would give you more exposure and eventually more engagement and followers on social media.
Experimentation helps
There is no defined strategy for increasing your followers on TikTok, therefore all the users are recommended to experiment with different strategies and then check the results, they are surely going to find an effective strategy and then use it for growing their followers. You do need some weeks for learning but after that, you will see your TikTok followers growing.
Cross-posting also helps in increasing your social media followers, you should share the link of your content on other social media platforms which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. it is easy to download videos from TikTok, and you should download the videos and then post it on your other accounts.
In short, social media platforms could be used for the growth of your business, you need to use an effective strategy for the growth of your social media handle. You can also hire experienced digital marketing experts or try some strategies on your own.