Steps for early part of family plan in a shft

When anticipating a shft, there are early steps that you can take with your family to come up with a shtf plan. Get started with some of them that include:
Bring the pets inside and ensure to pen the livestock
When an emergency happens, the animals can sense there is chaos around them which will make them to have behavior that is unpredictable. Even with animals which are well-behaved, they might start running if they get startled by gunshots or any other loud noise. If you pen them or bring them inside when the first indication of trouble happens, it might be quite easy to care and feed them as the day happens to progress. If you need to bug out fast, you will not end up wasting your precious minutes to chase them down.
Mark elderly, children, and pets with information for identification
Even if you are not planning on being separated from your parents, spouse, children or anyother members of the group, that possibility does exist in most shft scenarios. You will come across several reports of family members who have been separated through fault which is not of their making.
It is important to take time to mark pets clearly as well as livestock with contact information and identification. For animals which are larger you can use a paint that is non-toxic to write your contact information in an area that is visible. For the elderly and children, who might be quite vulnerable in case they get separated from the group, utilize magic marker combined with nail polish to lace the information for identification on their arm or wrist. With that, you are assured of getting them in case of a separation.