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Social Responsibility

Safety, Health, Environmental and Community Relations Policy

The Company is committed to carrying out all of its activities in an ethical manner that prioritizes health and safety, preserves the natural environment and recognizes the concerns of local stakeholders.

To this end the Company ensures that all employees are trained and instructed in their assigned tasks and that safety procedures are followed at all times. The importance of ethical behaviour and preservation of the natural environment is stressed to all employees and contractors, and all are charged with monitoring the operations to ensure that they are being carried out in an environmentally friendly manner. The Company also employs independent consultants who periodically audit operations to ensure that all procedures put in place to protect the environment are being followed.

The Company recognizes that working with local stakeholders benefits both parties. It not only allows the Company to minimize any negative impacts of its operations on the local community, but also facilitates permitting of its operations. To this end the Company regularly consults with local stakeholder groups.

In addition to implementing an environmental policy, the Company subscribes to the Environmental Excellence in Exploration (E3) program of the PDAC.

Environmental Policy

Miocene is committed to the principals of Sustainable Development. The Company diligently applies technically proven and economically feasible measures to protect the environment in all of its exploration activities.

To achieve these goals, Miocene will:

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